TreeDiaper24r - Model#1024rvA

1024rvA - Model#TreeDiaper24r
1024rvA - Model#TreeDiaper24r
Dimensions: 24 in. diameter
Materials: Plastic fabrics and super absorbent polymer
Shape: Round
Product Weight: 0.405 lbs.
Color/finish: Top - black / Bottom - light grey.
Plant Caliper/Selection: up to 1.5 in.
Features: One center hole
TreeDiaper24r - Individual Product
Price (USD): $25.99

TreeDiaper24r Landscaper case (24 units/case, bulk packed, not for intend to resell individual item inside)
Price (USD): $575.76

This TreeDiaper24r Advanced Hydration System is great for your shrubs and small trees with the maximum caliper being 1.5 inches (consider 2-3 years of growth). We recommend cover a circle area that is twice of the diameter of the rootball. If the rootball is larger than 12", consider larger sizes like TreeDiaper36 or TreeDiaper48.

TD24 is made of one ring with an inner hole of 4" diameter. It may not suitable for multi-stem shrubs. TreeDiaper36 or TreeDiaper48 are made of multiple pieces and would be better choices.

Simply soak the mat in water to get it started, then place it around your plants. Its user friendly circular shape is designed to be placed on top of various types of soil. If you prefer a natural look, just add mulch on top of the mat. Because the TreeDiaper® treemat is made from durable materials, it can be used for years!

  • Automatic recharging rain/irrigation water (Almost maintenance free!!)
  • Slow-releasing irrigation
  • Weed control
  • Root protection
  • Soil erosion protection
  • Special version made from recycled pre-customer diapers available upon request
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