My partner has been testing them and found great results in drought survivability. We just went through a near record hot dry summer and many new plantings were tanking but the ones we had TreeDiapers on did fine.

- Austin McCoy, ISA Certified Arborist, Tree Amigos, Cedar Park, Tx

The TreeDiaper® products have really helped keep our bushes and trees slowly watered over the seasons. They are reasonably priced and delivered very quickly. As we get more trees, we'll order more TreeDiaper®.

- Jim R, Happy Customer

Best product on the market to protect your shrub and tree investment. I especially like TreeDiaper® for hydrangeas that seem to need more water comparative to my other shrubs. Easy to use. Once set up it takes care of itself. I've had to replace two after a year due to roots growing through material rendering them unable to hold water. This company fills orders super fast. Ordered twice this year and received each order in one day!

- Pauline L, Happy Customer

I now have 75 young and growing trees and fruit bushes surrounded by TreeDiaper®. It is such a great way to maintain adequate water. I know better when I need to water the area, because the diapers get depleted. They really do fill themselves after rain however. A+++

- Roger K, Happy Customer

I moved into a new house and got TreeDiaper® for the plants that I care most about. The ones with TreeDiaper® have thrived, and the ones without have struggled. I highly suggest TreeDiaper® for any plant that you care about.

- Robert F, Happy Customer

We live in a very dry area. We are also old and disabled so we can't get out and water every day. It is great that the TreeDiaper® can essentially do the watering for us when we can't do it ourselves. We fill them up when we can and they do the rest. They are wonderful!

- Doris S, Happy Customer

We have over 40 TreeDiaper® in use in our rose garden and vegetable gardens. We use both 12 & 16 inch sizes. The results have been amazing! Our new & mature rose bushes have flourished. Providing constant and consistent hydration has made a huge difference in out Tomato, Pepper &Swiss Chard gardens. This technology works!

- Dennis H, Happy Customer

TreeDiaper® is awesome!! My new trees look great and it makes watering so easy and reliable! I highly recommend them!

- Julie D, Happy Customer

TreeDiaper® has saved my house plant and supports my newly planted trees with continuous moisture!!! Thanks for a fabulously innovative product!

- Tamberly C, Happy Customer

We are using TreeDiaper® at Charleston Ridge Apartments and the Manor House at Kings Charter, Hanover, Virginia. I am always recommending the TreeDiaper®.

- Lawrence Shaia, Property Developer, Charter Realty, L.C., Richmond, Virginia

I tried out a couple TreeDiaper® treemats for new tree plantings and they worked great. I put them at a rental house so, I knew the tenants wouldn't water. I visited the account a couple times during the Summer and the bags were, at minimum 1/2 way full. I tested a couple diapers on nursery stock and those things performed just as well.

- Craig De La Fe, Owner at Ground Up Services Milwaukie, Oregon

Very encouraging results, and looks much better than those ugly green bags!

- Luke McCall, Former Arborist in City of Richmond, Virginia

The product may have its greatest utility where more extensive irrigation and plastic mulch systems are not available or not cost effective.

- Greg Litus, Manager, Colorado State University, Western Colorado Research Center

We have found that the landscape mats provided by Zynnovation have really allowed for better root development and overall tree health in our parks.

- Greg Sager, Director, Hanover County Parks and Recreation, Virginia

Works best with low volumes of water.

- Warner Winthrop, Sales Representative of Colesville Nursery, Virginia

"The TreeDiaper® products have really helped keep our bushes and trees slowly watered over the seasons. They are reasonably priced and delivered very quickly. As we get more trees, we'll order more TreeDiaper®."

- Jim R, Happy Customer