“Works best with low volumes of water.”

- Warner Winthrop, Sales Representative of Colesville Nursery, Virginia

“We have found that the landscape mats provided by Zynnovation have really allowed for better root development and overall tree health in our parks.”

- Greg Sager, Director, Hanover County Parks and Recreation, Virginia

“The product may have its greatest utility where more extensive irrigation and plastic mulch systems are not available or not cost effective.”

- Greg Litus, Manager, Colorado State University, Western Colorado Research Center

“Very encouraging results, and looks much better than those ugly green bags!”

- Luke McCall, Former Arborist in City of Richmond, Virginia

“I tried out a couple TreeDiaper treemats for new tree plantings and they worked great. I put them at a rental house so, I knew the tenants wouldn't water. I visited the account a couple times during the Summer and the bags were, at minimum 1/2 way full. I tested a couple diapers on nursery stock and those things performed just as well.”

- Craig De La Fe, Owner at Ground Up Services Milwaukie, Oregon

“We are using TreeDiaper at Charleston Ridge Apartments and the Manor House at Kings Charter, Hanover, Virginia. I am always recommending the TreeDiaper.”

- Lawrence Shaia, Property Developer, Charter Realty, L.C., Richmond, Virginia

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