Case Studies Detail

"Cool Schools" in Dallas Texas

We learned about the Texas Trees Foundation’s Cool Schools Program back in early 2018. This organization is dedicated to enhancing outdoor learning spaces for schools. We were eager to donate TreeDiaper® technology to the cause!

Dr. Yang visited Dan Rogers Elementary School to take some photos in April 2019. Three years later, we were glad to receive some more photos from a friend. These images are summarized below.

The six trees shown were planted at the same time. Three trees were planted with TreeDiaper® and three were planted with a competitor’s product. Trees #1 and #2 were installed with the competitor, trees #3 and #4 were installed with TreeDiaper®, and trees #5 and #6 received both products.

We observed that the trees with only TreeDiaper® were in the best shape after three years. The trees with only TreeDiaper® were found to be the most successful, while those with a combination of TreeDiaper® and the competitor were less successful because the rainwater harvesting feature was compromised.

"I tried out a couple TreeDiaper® treemats for new tree plantings and they worked great. I put them at a rental house so, I knew the tenants wouldn't water. I visited the account a couple times during the Summer and the bags were, at minimum 1/2 way full. I tested a couple diapers on nursery stock and those things performed just as well."

- Craig De La Fe, Owner at Ground Up Services Milwaukie, Oregon