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Being parents of two, we hate to see disposable diapers go into waste and pile up in landfills. As polymer scientists and engineers, we know how precious the materials used in disposable diapers are. We started Zynnovation LLC to develop novel technologies and give a second life to disposable diapers. We have created and validated a multifunctional plant protection mat, trademarked as TreeDiaper®, from the recycled diaper materials.

Zynnovation LLC is an established, women, and minority-owned and operated company located in Ashland, Virginia. The company is pursuing the development of green and biomedical technologies based on innovative scientific practices. Our specialties include novel recycling technologies, chemical sensor development, surface science, adhesion, adhesives, coatings, and green technologies for a better world.  

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Hailing Yang, Ph.D.
Wei Zhang

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For samples, products, collaborations, and ordering information, visit www.treediaper.com or contact us at:
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