TreeDiaper® garden mat 2424-4 Twin Pack - Model#2424vAT

2424vAT - Model#TreeDiaper<sup>®</sup> garden mat 2424-4 Twin Pack
2424vAT - Model#TreeDiaper<sup>®</sup> garden mat 2424-4 Twin Pack
Dimensions: 24 in. by 24 in./per unit
Materials: Plastic fabrics and super absorbent polymer
Shape: Square
Product Weight: 0.74 lbs.
Color/finish: Top - black / Bottom - light grey.
Plant Caliper/Selection: Vegetation, flowering plants
Features: Four pre-cut holes/per unit
Price (USD): $48.99

This TreeDiaper® garden mat is great for your garden! Simply soak the mat in water to get it started, then place it around your plants. The absorbent mat's design consists of 4 holes spaced to plant flowers, veggies, or herbs. Two pairs of this garden mat are good for a 4ft X 4ft garden bed. If you prefer a natural look, just add mulch on top of the mat. Because TreeDiaper® is made from durable materials, it can be used for years!

Water release rate varies depending on indoor or outdoor plants, temperature, air flow and humidity. In one test, the mat continued to release water for a full two months.

  • Automatic recharging rain/irrigation water (Almost maintenance free!!)
  • Slow-releasing irrigation
  • Weed control
  • Root protection
  • Soil erosion protection
  • Special version made from recycled pre-customer diapers available upon request
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