A New Way to Water for Improving Urban Planting


TreeDiaper® is an Advanced Hydration System that acts as a soil moisture stabilizer for young trees and plants. Unlike a standard watering bag that must be filled regularly, it can catch and retain rainwater before releasing it very slowly, allowing for low maintenance survival for young trees, even in inhospitable growing conditions. This product also provides protection from weed growth and extreme temperatures, and deters stormwater runoff pollution.

TreeDiaper® is made from materials similar to those used in disposable diapers, which is how the inventor, a mother of two, got the idea. Our technology received a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research grant in 2013. A US patent was awarded in 2017.

Case Studies

Roadside Trees in Richmond, Virginia 2013-2019
Trees Thriving During a Colorado Drought After TreeDiaper® Was Installed
Keeping Cool in Peoria, AZ
Cool & Green In Miami Beach, Florida
Plant Any Time: A Summer Planting Success Story
Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Fairfax, Virginia